Plant-based? Vegan? Fake?

Whatever you want to call them, there’s no doubt that alternative meats are skyrocketing in popularity. But take a look at what these foods are made from. Plant-based meat isn’t as healthy as you’d think.

Marketing leads us to believe that “plant-based” burgers consist solely of that—plants. However, the products specifically designed to mimic the texture and flavor of meat contain an extensive ingredient list that’s at odds with the better-for-you image these foods are trying to create.

We’re being duped into eating heavily processed food that contains numerous preservatives, additives, fillers, texturizers, and chemicals linked to cancer. They’re high in sodium, and low in nutritional quality. Consumers should NOT be told that highly processed fake foods are any better for you than the meat products they’re replacing.

The Plant-Based Meat Ingredient Guide exposes the most concerning ingredients in these heavily processed foods, and lets you see exactly which products you’ll find them in.

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